Style Snafus

About a month ago, I decided my bangs were getting a bit long. I pondered paying Great Clips a visit. Nah, I said. I’ll do it myself. I chopped them. Way too short. Not to mention slanted. And far from stylish. This is not the first time I have done this. And believe me, every time should have been the last.

I have had many self-styling mishaps over the years. Others have also suffered from my scissors, such as my American girl doll who I had the genius idea of giving a choppy haircut and a makeover. I thought it would grow and wash off. It did not.

However, I have had far more style snafus. All of these have been a result of two things: My extreme gullibility and lack of common sense. Allow me to take you through a few follicle foils:

1. In 6th grade, my hairstylist (aka, the Spanish-speaking Supercuts employee) decided that my bangs were not nearly short enough. She proceeded to cut them nearly to my hairline. Being a pre-teen girl, I obviously thought my short bangs meant the world was going to end.

Somehow, I thought the snow was my solution. I was convinced the snow had miracle hair-stretching superpowers. I spent a half hour in sub-zero temperatures putting snow into my hands and tugging and pulling on my bangs until my fingers froze. My bangs didn’t budge.

2. In 7th grade, I was introduced to sparkly hair clips. Not bad, right? Even slightly stylish. Not when you decide that rather than bedazzling your messy bun with a single sparkler, you place 13 all over your hair and call it a day.

3. My freshman year of high school, I decided that my eyebrows needed to be plucked. I should not have been trusted with tweezers. I somehow failed to realize that you tweeze for width, not length. I plucked them so short, and then proceeded to tell all my friends that my eyebrows somehow fell out.

Did you have any styling malfunctions, or do you specifically (smartly) save scissors for salons?


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