Cal U Vs. College

I may be a morning person, but I still have two requirements to start my day: 1.) Coffee 2.) The Students of Bayside High/Cal U.

I loved Saved By the Bell growing up. Let’s put it this way: Kelly Kapowski was my role model. Zach Morris was my biggest crush. I thought Slater’s mullet was stylish. When Jessi got “So Excited!”, I was in fact so, so…scared. Baysiders were even my bath buddies. I owned Saved by the Bell shampoo and shower gel.

Although I have seen every episode, I am still an avid watcher. I admit that I still enjoy it. However, I primarily watch it simply because I realize now how completely gullible I was. [Which, as you know, is generally the case]. The ones I enjoy the most? Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Here are a few things that Cal U made me believe about college life:

  • That students entering college will not have a dorm room the size of a typical closet, but, rather an area twice the size of your average apartment. It will also be co-ed, and that every ‘suitemate’ will then start to date.
  • That it is common for the Dean to continually visit the “dorm” of college students.
  • That professor/student relationships are perfectly natural. You may also announce this relationship to anyone and everyone, who are all subsequently jealous.
  • That college professors literally live in dorms on college campuses.
  • That any male who has shoulder-length hair has never attended class and speaks in single syllables.
  • That it is perfectly natural for college parties to take place in your Professor’s lecture hall.
  • That it is typical to have an entire weight room in your college “dorm.”

Did you believe the former Baysiders? Can your college experience hold a candle to Cal U?


2 thoughts on “Cal U Vs. College

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