So Vegilicious

I used to HATE vegetables. Despise them. Think about throwing up at the thought of them. In fact, I once threw up after eating one of them (a baked bean at age 7).

For the majority of my elementary school years, most of foods that I ate fell into five categories: Fast Food, Fried, Dessert, Pizza, or the blandest of bland carbs (i.e. spaghetti without sauce or bread without butter). I could put down six Taco Bell tacos, eat nearly an entire pizza, or almost an entire box of pasta (Thank you, metabolism!).

My favorite thing in the entire world was Sara Lee’s Chocolate Fudge cake, which I once ate a slice of every single day for an entire summer (the summer before 7th grade). My mom allowed me to do so because she believed eating that was better than eating no breakfast at all. At least, that’s what I figured at the time. In reality, it was probably because she didn’t want to deal with a tempermental teenager.

Once I started getting involved in sports, I realized I couldn’t exactly eat 2.5 slices of deep dish pizza before practice. I started adding (gasp!) healthy foods. Grapes were a huge go-to. I truly believed that I would only race well if I ate grapes before a meet. Of course, I also thought I had to pop at least two peppermint candies, eat a 1/2 of a plain bagel (minus butter), wear a particular (extremely frayed) sports bra and do a minimum of six “jumps” before each race as well.

I was a tad superstitious.

The odd thing? I suddenly LOVE vegetables. I’m one of the people that I used to find insane. Today, part of my lunch consisted of a whole cucumber, an entire tomato, and alot of spinach—all foods that I used to find repulsive. I ate a (nearly) entire veggie themed meal yesterday…and have followed suite so often these days. My elementary-school alter ego only knew foods that were brown (minus those slathered in A.) Cheese or B.) Frosting. The only time my food resembled a rainbow was when I was eating Lucky Charms.

I’m certainly not a healthy eater all the time. Case in point: Tonight I’m going out for dinner for All-You-Can-Eat Chicken Wings. I ate almost an entire pizza the other weekend (at 3AM, after eating a huge Thai meal, and, er, enjoying many beverages). I fantasize about eating an entire gallon of ice cream in one sitting.

What are your thoughts on vegetables? Do you love ’em or loathe ’em?


5 thoughts on “So Vegilicious

  1. I always knew we were similar! I say this as I eat a box of frozen vegetables, Green Giant, they’re amazing! And I used to wear the same toe-socks to every basketball game… and follow those games with a whole cheese pizza lol

  2. Michelle, if you’re talking about the steam-in-a-bag Green Giant vegetables, I’m right there with you! I can’t say I’d go so far as to eat a tomato or cucumber for lunch–definitely not on my list of things to eat–but I’m growing terribly found of the food group.

  3. I’m going to make some zucchini right now, as you have me craving veggies! I would actually rather have that than a butterfinger bar… strange, I know!

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