Interests You? Count Me In.

A recent revelation: I like things that other people like.

You may read that and think “So she likes whatever is popular?” Certainly not true. I bought Beanie Babies when they had already made their way to the $1 bin at auctions, and I still DVR episodes of “Saved by the Bell: The College Years.”

If someone else likes it, I’m more than willing to give it a shot. I’ve tried food that initially seemed frightening (Hello, Cow Tongue!). I became a [complete] Gleek by recommendation. I’ve made my way through pretty much ever Mascara that exists. I purchase infomercial products solely based on their positive feedback via the paid celebrities.

I’ve recently become a fan of something I previously had minimal feelings about: Football. I enjoyed some parts of the game, but didn’t grow up around many people who were very interested (we were a basketball/baseball/track-and-field house…along with ridiculous amounts of Reality TV). Yet I’ve recently hung out with more people who are football fans, and I’m started to, suddenly, really like football. A bit of my [excessive watching of] E! has been replaced by ESPN.

I’m certainly not about to create a Fantasy team anytime soon, but I probably won’t pick my Super Bowl teams based on their uniform colors or the amount of members they previously had on Dancing with the Stars.

My recent fascination with football has made me realize that I like the things that the people that I’m surrounded by do. Which made me wonder: What else have I been missing out on? What thing that you like should I learn to [and likely love]? Hit me with your best shot…minus hot dogs and heavy metal. 🙂


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