Run ‘n’ Cash That

I highly doubt the name Antoine Dodson is a name that will grace future history books.

The name doesn’t ring a bell? Please watch this video immediately. Then listen to this song. Then proceed to have it play in your head at numerous inappropriate times.

My head has broken it down with the infamous “Bed Intruder” several times during the past few weeks—luckily, not while I’m teaching…yet. The videos have been viewed by millions. In fact, more than the amount of people who watched a game of the world series.

Another infamous YouTuber of late? The man who spotted a Double Rainbow. I heard on the radio yesterday morning that he will now have an iPhone app. The man is making alot of bank for being very excited for spotting a beautiful sight.

There have been thousands of others who have been spotted and made a career from YouTube. Which made me wonder…

Will this instant Internet “success” change the career goals of kids? Neither Antoine or Double Rainbow had to earn an education to gain instant success. They didn’t have to join a gym at age 3, practice baseball before beginning their ABCs, or start singing directly after they learned their first syllable. Yet they will make far (far) more than most of us can ever dream for a two-minute video on YouTube.

Will hopes of becoming a professional athlete/singer/veternarian/doctor/lawyer eventually change to becoming a professional YouTuber? I love teaching far too much to trade it in for instant celebrity. Plus, I’m technologically challenged. However, I certainly wouldn’t mind running ‘n’ cashing some of those instant internet dolla dolla bills ya’ll.


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