Sweet Little Lies

One subject that I’m oddly skilled at? Making up stories to strangers.

This is probably not a skill I should be proud of…considering “making up stories” is basically a nice way to say that I speak complete lies. However, I like to think that my “stories” are harmless. I only create stories if the person is A.) Creepy or B.) A VERY likely liar themself.

My favorite go-to story? Convincing people that my friends are Amish and are celebrating their Rumspringa. I’m not sure where this fascination with the Amish faith began, but a few of my friends and I have been obsessed with pretending that we have chosen to trade our bonnets for beers.

I feel as if we’re realitively convincing about this. Of course, we are only each other’s judge so there is also a likelihood that I’m as good as telling faith falsities as I am faking sick.

As you know, I’m an extremely gullible person. However, I tend to be exactly the opposite when it comes to stories from strangers.

Case in point: I met two separate people last Saturday who both said that they played football for Arizona and Iowa. Not too crazy, right? Well, the two teams that played on Saturday were Iowa and Arizona. One of the guys was named “Gumby” [I know. I have no room to talk about last names]. “Gumby” also gave me a free Iowa shirt (a former Arizonan who just happens to have a spare Iowa shirt?) The kicker? The two guys were friends. Way too many coincidences.

Imagine my surprise when a little Internet search told me they were telling the truth. (Actually, I’m only certain about the Iowa guy—”Gumby’s” status is still up for grabs—though if his friend was telling the truth, maybe he was too?). Iowa didn’t lie about a single stat.

Do you create stories to strangers, or are you always upfront? Do you believe what you hear, or beg to differ?


One thought on “Sweet Little Lies

  1. I think that is the best go-to falsified story of all, because it is just so easy to get into the story and the reasoning behind it!

    Plus, we all look Amish anyway, right??…

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