Me, Minus the Mess?

I am in awe whenever I eye my planner. It has every single day of the next sixteen weeks mapped out on the left side, and a slightly ridiculous amount of notes written on the right. It is also color coded, and written legibly.

I realize that many of you reading this will not consider these facts feats. Yet I did not anticipate accomplishing a single one of these items a week ago. Since I’m student teaching junior high, I’ll share a few of my scatterbrained stories from those years:

  • I received my only detention in 7th grade came because I forgot my planner in my locker (and, subsequently, all of the other papers that I actually needed for class—though some papers from 2nd grade had probably slipped into my stack). I ended up getting a detention because I thought I could steathily ask to go to the bathroom and instead sneak to my locker to get it. Did I mention I’m even worse at lying than I am at organization?
  • My friend decided to book me in the hallway in 8th grade in hopes of teaching me a lesson in organization. She then fled down the hallway, since booking resulted in an immediate detention. Moral of the story? I remained messy, and she escaped detention.

The thing is: I’ve never truly wanted to be organized. I never thought I was missing out by being messy. So there were 11,000+ emails in my inbox. That message from Facebook in 2008 may be needed at some point! I was not overly appalled if it truly looked like my dog ate my homework. As long as the answers were correct, I was content.

But now, I realize that I was being ridiculous. For once, I’m organized and it actually feels awesome.

To be fair, organization has not made an appearance in all aspects of my life. I still have to catch myself throwing an empty gum wrapper into the bottom of my purse rather than putting it in the trash. It will be a long time before my bed is actually made, or I figured out how to actually use an iron without creating a lovely brown stain on the front of my shirt. Baby steps. Erasing 23 years of disorganization is easier said then done.


2 thoughts on “Me, Minus the Mess?

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