Who wears long shirts?

When I was in Junior High, there were typically five shirts that were popular at any moment. They would generally be the current attire from American Eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch, and usually have the largest logo possible denoting the store. Or simple a miniscule moose or tiny eagle at the bottom of the shirt that somehow multiplied the cost of a plain tee by at least 5.

My mom didn’t have problems purchasing these overly priced shirts (probably because she was finally finished scouring the stores for Beanie Babies). However, she did have a stipulation: I needed to buy these shirts at least two sizes larger. She thought this advice was great, since I could get in much more wear out of clothing. This advice was odd for a few reasons 1.) Junior High girls change their clothing preferences quicker than the amount of time it takes a Furby to turn frightening; 2.) My mom didn’t even fit into these shirts herself and 3.) Wearing the clothing too loose clearly defeated the look I was going for.

But wearing those shirts—even though they were longer than basketball shorts—was still “important” enough for me to purchase them. A few years later, of course, I tossed those t-shirts, because they still didn’t fit (and were out of style as soon as they moved to the sale racks anyway).

Although I gave those shirts to Goodwill, my mom’s logic lingered. For the following years, I purchased clothing larger to make the wear was maximized.

Eventually, I realized that this logic was slightly ridiculous. It may work when you’re a toddler, but not when you’re a likely-to-grow-no-longer (until-you-understand-that-the-freshman-fifteen-is-not-false) teenager. I also realized that it is not necessary to wear ‘Surf Until You Can’t Stop!’ unless you actually have ever surfed before. Especially when you can’t even stand up on roller skates (guilty).

Spending so much time with 8th graders this semester makes me remember my wardrobe woes. There are many girls that are so put together, probably so excited to wear their outfits, that they probably think that the same clothing will be in their college closets. I would have been the same way in 8th grade. In fact, I probably would have bet that I would be wearing my favorite sleeveless maroon-and-gold reversible hooded ‘American Eagle 8’ long after my wedding. Is it just me? Maybe girls these days are a bit more sensible. They’re certainly more stylish. Maybe one day headbands with a bow and high-waisted skirts will be ridiculed. Regardless, right now their style seems far superior to donning shirts longer than your teacher’s skirts.


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