Product Persuasion

A little known—though probably not surprising—fact about me: I am very easily persuaded by infomercials.

My fascination with phone-in products began when I was young. I had ALOT of trouble sleeping. I tried it all: counting sheep, drinking warm milk and/or taking a warm milk bath (maybe doing both at once would have done the trick?), placing orange peels by my bed, and listening to CDs of nature sounds couldn’t cut it. Then I discovered “The Home Shopping Network.” It was a miracle. Something about one-size-fit-all sweaters and smells-like-Christmas everyday candles lulled me to sleep within minutes.

My sisters and I became addicted to the HSN. While many others our age would watching Saturday morning cartoons, we more frequently tuned in with ladies named Tammy with two-toned, teased hair and toothy grins that could be persuasive enough to make you think that it was necessary for you to buy products to prevent baldness before you hit puberty.

Although I no longer (regularly) tune into HSN, I’m still a sucker for similar products. Smooth Away, the Shake Weight, and yes, even the ShamWow! have made me want to pick up the phone and purchase before the salesman can tell me where to make my 3 easy payments.

Of course, like millions of others who’ve been conned by commercials, I often end up disappointed. The products rarely work the way they do with the magic of TV. Michelle Tanner could certainly attest to that. Although I know that infomercials are generally incredibly off, I continue to call-in in hopes that the apparently amazing product truly is perfect.

My intense love for infomercials makes me wonder: Are those who are easily persuaded to purchase products also easily convinced by creepers? I generally have a terrible creep detector. I think someone wants to just have a friendly chat over a Coors—which is certainly not generally the case when they chat while attempting to caress you.


3 thoughts on “Product Persuasion

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