Back for Mo(o)re Looney after a long lapse!

It has been far too long.

To be fair, I’m not sure why I didn’t blog the entire summer. My job as a coach for 4-9 year olds certainly brought me some great material. A few highlights—er, lowlights:

1.) I sprained my ankle attempting a one-handed cartwheel while coaching Cheerleading camp. I can’t touch my toes and have never made it through “The Electric Slide” without bumping into at least 10 people mid-dance.

2.) A few campers informed me of far too many details that their parents would certainly prefer to have been kept personal. Namely, their own bathroom habits…and those of their parents.

3.) There were countless classic stories from campers…which I can’t really remember at the moment because, well, I didn’t blog about them as they happened. 😦

But now, blog, I am back-in action. And boy, this semester will bring many stories that will certainly reveal to all of you even further of my difficulty with things that are supposed to be “as easy as 1-2-3.” Mr. Moore, my mentor teacher, gives new meaning to the word organization. The best way for me to describe this is to depict our differences:

MOORE: Deletes emails immediately after reading and responding.

ME: Just got done deleting emails…after my Inbox reached over 11,000.

MOORE: Has a single file folder of papers from 39 years of teaching.

ME: Could accumulate a single file folder from one week of school.

MOORE: Began papers the day they were assigned in college, and edited them every day until turning them in.

ME: Feels extremely accomplished if I begin a paper two nights before it is due.

MOORE: Has a year long lesson plan book filled out for the following year as soon as the previous year finishes.

ME: Is an expert at purchasing planners, but extremely poor at actually using them.

MOORE: Planned since he was in Kindergarten to be a teacher.

ME: Planned one week before my college graduation to be a teacher.

MOORE: Keeps five contacts in his phone.

ME: Has contacts that include “Joey Oyster Pub,” “Scott – Durbins” and “Richard DSM CAB!” (a man who I apparently thought was so nice at the time that he deserved an exclamation point).

When it comes to organization, we’re polar opposites. He’s a perfect planner; I’m a proficient procrastinator. You couldn’t find a Mo(o)re Loon(e)y match. Yet somehow, we make a perfect professional pair. Neither of us take things seriously, and can joke about each other’s organization (or complete lack thereof).


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