School House Rockin’

I have an extremely random (and sometimes plain bad) taste in music. But I think my latest Pandora station addition shows that I have hit an all-time embarassment musical low.

The “School House Rock” station is now a member of my ever-so-odd musical array.

“School House Rock” and I go way back. Our relationship started off a little rocky. It wasn’t “cool” to listen to School House Rock in late elementary school, and thus I wasn’t really feeling singing about life’s deep mysteries a la “Conjunction, Junction, What’s your function?” I’d groan with everyone else when we were required to sing about interjections that show excitement or emotion or a bill sitting on Capital Hill.

But I secretly thought the tunes were catchy. Luckily for me, the songs were soon declared cool. We performed an entire play of “School House Rock” songs in 5th grade. Unfortunately, Rock got a little claustrophobic. The songs lost their appeal when I had to utter them over (and over, and over). That Bill belonged on Capitol Hill, not in my classroom.

I stopped rockin’ about school for years, and didn’t rediscover those (hundred) hit wonders until recently. We were discussing “School House Rock” in one of my classes, and it was like reuniting with an old friend. I wanted—no needed—to reconnect with Bill, Interplanet Janet and personified punctuation.

“Schoolhouse Rock” is now sandwiched nicely between Ludacris and Jimmy Buffett, almost unnoticeable among my 28 Pandora stations. But Bill now has a part-time place in my Mac and he’s certain not to get relocated back to bummin’ around Capitol Hill anytime soon.


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