Culinary Concoctions

I used to burn every single piece of toast that I’d attempt. Seriously. Before my Sophomore year of high school, making perfectly browned toast was way out of my culinary comfort zone.

I learned how to cook not out of desire, but of necessity. I’ve always been obsessed with eating, but just preferred to remain ignorant about the process of how things got on my plate.

Yet when I moved into an apartment my Junior year of college, I had a monumental decision to make: Live off cereal and peanut butter, or learn to operate the oven. The first step? Practicing preheating. But I learned, and slowly but surely, I was able to make an assortment of foods.

I still had one thing curbing my culinary skills: Recipes. Science is not my strong suit, and following a recipe reminded me way too much of science lab, which was something that I’d avoided setting foot in since I was 15.

When I did risk using a recipe, I had a few minor issues. My 1001 Fast and Easy recipes has sat on my shelf ever since. Yet my addiction to food blogs has encouraged me to step out of my culinary comfort zone.

I attempted a real, live recipe yesterday. It was for something that sounds disgusting: A smoothie made with Spinach. Apparently I am encouraged only to test recipes for things of which I lack nearly every ingredient or sound as if they would be preferred only by Popeye.

But alas! It turned out fabulous. So great, in fact, that I have eaten the Spinach Smoothie (also known as ‘A Green Monster’) two days in a row. It made me wonder: Why have I ignored the world of recipes for so long? Recipes are supposed to be the safe route. Following instructions is a faster, friendly way to make food.

Until now, I’ve taken the unbeaten path: Being my own personal (highly, highly untrained) chef. Smoothie surprise has encouraged me to give recipes a redo. Although I should probably start at square one. Easy Bake oven, anyone?


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