Rise AND Shine?

One of my favorite phrases growing up was “10 more minutes.” I never woke up without being shaken by my mom (alarm clocks didn’t do the trick). I struggled to go to sleep, and STRUGGLED to wake up. If only I had known the joys of caffeine back then…

I have now become the person I never possibly thought I could be: A morning person. I bound out of my bed for breakfast. Sleeping past seven is a struggle. Swapping my sleep schedule would be a positive if I were an adult. I know, I know: 22 is sort of adult-age. But until my “going out” consists of weddings and holidays, I can’t fully consider myself an adult.

My sleep schedule is completely out-of-wack for being sociable. I can do without a morning cup of coffee, but would likely fall asleep at the bar if I didn’t sip one at 6PM. The caffeine causes a vicious cycle, however: I fall asleep just fine after going out, and am wide awake at 7 as usual. I’m wide awake until about 10. Then, I’m sipping caffeine like crazy—or just cranky.

I don’t want to sacrifice a social life. I just wish I could rewire my clock for the weekend. I’m pretty certain no one else is ready to sing “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” as the sun rises.


One thought on “Rise AND Shine?

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