…Alot MORE to Learn

Oddly enough, we had a discussion about necessary life skills in class today. I am playing a nerdy Freshman for my Video Production class (I sincerely hope that this is somewhat strange), and we were debating whether I should blow bubbles during the broadcast. I admitted that I cannot. It then branched into a full discussion of other skills that I lack. I had clearly missed some key ones yesterday:

1.) How to blow a bubble. This lack actually angers me a bit. I love gum (Read: I chew around a pack per day) and honestly admire people that can blow bubbles as big as their face. I can’t even make one a little bulge.

2.) How to whistle. Another skills that I sorely miss. I LOVE cheering at sporting events, and do so extremely loudly. However, I am unable to cap off my cheers with a whistle. A whistle is a wonderful, mysterious sign of support that I cannot show.

3.) How to form my tongue into a taco. This trait is supposedly genetic. However, every single member of my family can accomplish this. I look like a lizard when I attempt.

I have a feeling that this list will be continued.


2 thoughts on “…Alot MORE to Learn

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