Learning Laziness

I love to learn. The problem? I like to learn about things that I like, and am extremely lazy about things that I don’t. As a result, I don’t know how to do some simple things that I should certainly know at age 22 (if not age 3). Here’s a sampling of the skills I could never make stick:

  • How to tie my shoes. I’m an expert at bunny ears, but never mastered that whole ‘the bunny goes through the hole’ thing. Seriously.
  • How to shuffle cards. Instead of doing it properly, I simply push the cards together and hope for the best. This usually results in an incredibly “lucky” hand for someone.
  • How to sew. I tried in my pre-teens, and have never attempted since. I don’t even know how to thread a needle.
  • How to fold clothes. This sad fact limits my part-time job opportunities, which, in this economy, could be a huge problem.
  • How to park. Confession: I am actually ecstatic when I am able to make it into a straight parking spot on the first try. Parallel parking petrifies me.
  • How to label tools: I honestly do not know the difference between most tools in a toolbox. I have brought my dad a hammer instead of a screwdriver more times than I would like to admit.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with these glaring gaps. Better yet, make me feel better and tell me a skills that you lack that I may actually have learned.


3 thoughts on “Learning Laziness

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