Really, Responsibility?

One thing I’m absolutely awful at: Calling in sick to work.

It doesn’t matter if I’m swamped, spent, or even actually slightly sick. I will make it to work. There have been many days where I’ve contemplated calling in, but then that pesky little things called ‘responsibility’ and ‘guilt’ step in.

I have only feigned sickness twice. It was twice during the first two years I worked as a Summer Day Camp Counselor. I was sick exactly 2 days. The same day, each year: Field trip to the Roller Rink. The reason? I cannot even stand up on Roller Skates. I finally manned up my third year and went to the rink. I had to have six-year olds hold my hands the entire time we skated while trying to escape the thirteen-year-olds who recognized my disability and decided to skate in circles around me to witness a counselor collison.

I’m posting about this now because, for the first time since that frightning field trip (three years ago and I am still traumatized) I am contemplating calling in sick. The reason? It is Drake Relays week. Anyone who attends Drake knows it’s the best week of the year. By far. Relays is actually a huge Track meet full of incredible high school through Olympic athletes, and is the most incredibly inspiring event I have ever encountered first-hand. For everyone else on campus, it is pretty much an excuse to party for 10 days. It’s a pretty big discrepancy between the two sides. I love Relays probably more than most because I have a deep love for both.

Unfortunately, this year I will not be able to live up Relays as much as usual. If I act as the responsible employer I should, that is. I have class ALL day Saturday (8:30-4:30), tutor during my favorite running events (the Distance Carnival—aka, probably the least exciting event to everyone who doesn’t run distance) and have practicum hours/babysit all day Friday (8:30-3). I do get to attend Relays after that, but it’s to work a camera shift from 4-6 for my Video Production class. Yeah, I wouldn’t trust me to work a camera either.

I want so bad to be irresponsible and call in sick for all of the aforementioned responsibilities. I know, of course, that I will not. The reason? I cannot lie. I’m not necessarily against lying. I’m just a horrible liar. And a liar that feels extremely guilty/gets caught every time I attempt.

I need advice on how to be a good liar for once. As in my Roller Skating story, sometimes lying can spare you humiliation. And in the case of Relays, it can help you attend an epic Track meet and then toss back (more than a) few.


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