Celebrity Sighting

I am, unfortunately, obsessed with celebrities. I am an avid watcher of E!. I get slightly angry when I can’t recall a B-List celebrities child’s name. I actually remember where I was when I first heard about Britney’s shotgun wedding.

Don’t get me wrong: I do not idolize celebrities. I am simply fascinated by them. There are few things that I would enjoy more than an impromptu celeb sighting. An area of which I have had little luck. Case in point: The following “celebs” I have ever sighted are the following:

-Tina, the Season Two winner of “Survivor” (Location: Airport. I was with my family. Picture was taken.)

-Jamie, contestant on “The Bachelor” (Location: Southside Irish Parade. I was with friends. Picture was taken.)

-Josh Duhamel, teen heartthrob (Location: New York City, outside having a smoke. I was with friends. Picture was not taken in order to avoid embarrassment of said friends).

That is it. Yes, the only “celebrities” I have ever met were those whose fame lasted (not even) fifteen minutes. And whether it actually was Duhamel is still debatable. I had visions of what I would do if I were to ever encounter a celebrity. Say hi (hopefully not obnoxiously). Pose for a picture. Prolong the conversation as much as possible. Possibly ask them to attend an upcoming party.

My fantasies became a reality on Sunday. I spotted Shawn Johnson at Forever 21 examining the accessories. It had the ideal encounter criteria. She was alone. The store was nearly empty. I actually wasn’t wearing sweats.

And I did absolutely nothing.

I was shocked. I have always thought that I would be a pseudo paparazzi were I to encounter a celeb—particularly one of Shawn’s caliber. But I refrained. I realized that celebrities are real people who simply want to make a purchase without a photo op. I recognized that she would probably get stopped for a snapshot a significant amount of times during her Sunday shopping. As much as I thought I wanted the awkward exchange and accompanying photo, I couldn’t do it.

Don’t get me wrong: I did play peek-a-boo with the clothing racks to catch a glimpse of Shawn’s every step.


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