Musical Envy

I have always been obsessed with people who are musical. Which is probably because I have absolutely ZERO musical talent.

Believe me, I tried. I took piano for at least 5 years, and cannot even play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” I was in tap and ballet for just as long, and was a permanent staple in the back row behind girls half my age. I didn’t even attempt choir, because, well, attempting to sing “Happy Birthday” in tune is tough. I would love to be musical, but unfortunately, I have an even higher likelihood of being an engineer [I’m pretty sure engineers know how to open a can].

So instead, I’ve always lived vicariously through people who can actually carry a tune. I became obsessed with “American Idol” during its second season. My friend Allie and I would call each other after every episode exactly when it finished and discuss every aspect [Note: Allie was in choir and Madrigals—she actually knew what she was talking about]. I loved everything about the show (minus the superpower of Sanjaya). I still like it, in fact, though I can now actually watch episodes after they’ve already aired. My fifteen-year-old self would have been frantic.

Recently, my love for “American Idol” has been replaced [times ten] by “Glee.” I am obsessed, obsessed, obsessed (did I mention obsessed?) It’s funny. Sentimental. Serious. Meaningful. I could go on and on (and on and on). Plus, it has Sue Sylvester starring as a pseudo Simon. A meaner, flashier version (have you checked out those matching Track suits?)

My “Glee” obsession has increased my musical jealousy. I’d love to be able to hit a high one. Or even a low one. Or, hey, even one that sounds remotely like something coming from Sanjaya.

A girl can dare to dream.


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