Puzzle Perfection

I’ve always loved Crossword Puzzles, and have been doing them ever since I can remember. Of course, during my early puzzling years, “doing them” meant filling in a single blank. Find me a nine-year-old who knows the Nobel Peace Prize winner from 1962.

I quickly swapped the New York Times puzzle for the ones In Touch and People. I am (sadly) obsessed with celebrities, and knew obscure statistics about celebs from the 1970s.  If I didn’t know, I’d ask my mom. Team efforts count for crossword completion when you’re a preteen.

During the past few years, I’ve given the Times another try. I get a paper every day (nearly) entirely for the crossword. An absolutely awful admittance from a Journalism major, I know (I do read portions of the paper, though, I promise!)

One of my life goals actually involves crossword puzzles: I want to solve the New York Times Saturday and Sunday puzzles (sans help). For any of you Crossword newbies, puzzles get progressively harder each day. Monday=1996 candidate Dole; Saturday=1996 candidate Dole’s Junior High.

Ok, I exaggerated. But still, Saturday and Sundays are ridiculous. Unless you’re a passionate Opera/Nobel Peace prize/Silent Film fan who also happens to have knowledge of every single academic subject—and could care less about pop culture.

Although I wouldn’t want to be—or hang out with—the aforementioned type, I aspire to be them. Isn’t it ironic…dontcha think?


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