Daytime Dress-Up

There are few things I love more than comfy clothes. I own approximately 30 pairs of basketball shorts and sweatpants, and could make probably sew 5 quilts out of all my t-shirts (if I knew how to sew, that is).

I love comfy clothes so much, in fact, that I wore sweatpants (“nice” ones—aka, my favorite 5 pairs of black ones) out for the entire winter of my Senior year of high school. I still showered, straightened my hair and put on makeup, but was too lazy for any pants that included a button and zipper. Why shouldn’t I wear out the same pants that I wore lounging in my La-Z Boy?

Luckily, I now understand that sweats are for school and sleep, not for dinner and drinks. Yet there is still one thing that stumps me every time I see it: People who dress up in their houses. Reality show stars like the Kardashians wear stilletos and stage makeup relaxing in their mashion. American Idol contestants wear dresses while channel surfing. Even the matronly moms from Wife Swap wear jeans and button-ups while preparing a pot pie.

I feel like I’m one of the few people that has received a comment “Wow, you’re dressed up!” when I wear jeans to class (yes, this has actually happened).

Am I the only one that is still stuck on sweats? Will growing up make me graduate to jeans?


One thought on “Daytime Dress-Up

  1. I think the reason that all the stars you see on TV are dressed up is because of that fact – they are on TV. If you had cameras following you around in your house and then being broadcasted nationally, would you still be lounging around in your sweatpants? Actually, don’t answer that…I know you would k-loon haha

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