Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

For 99.9% of my post-teenage years, I have had roughly the same hairstyle. Medium brown, slightly past the shoulders. Maybe a side part, if I’m feeling especially risky. The simplest style request: Just cut the split ends. Fortunately, my stylist rarely gets bored, since I choose to get a cut approximately every 6 months rather than the recommended every 6 weeks. The ‘split ends’ quickly become a mound underneath my swivel chair. I’ve always been especially cautious when it comes to color. As in, I never used it—It made me nervous, and also gave me a perfect “Never Have I Ever.”

Yet suddenly, I’ve become devoted to hair dye. In August, I decided to go a little darker. In December, I went nearly blonde. Last week, I decided to dye it ‘Medium Brown’ (per the cream dye that my sister had to help me purchase, as I’m completely clueless about color). It came out black.

I actually like the change, as scary as it was when I first saw myself with hair akin to Morticia Adamms (it has since faded, so I sadly no longer have a ready-made Halloween costume). I’ve become excited with hair color experimentation, and am already debating my next dye job. It’s like I’m living my teenage years in reverse. Let’s hope I don’t buy ‘Bombshell Blue’ on a whim.


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