On the Wings of Love

I love music. Even really, really, REALLY bad music. My Uncle once actually cracked up when searching through my iPod (two songs he particularly found hilarious? “I’m a Thug” by Trick Daddy and “Oh Yeah,” the nearly lyric-less hit from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off). I even spend one week of High School listened to “Forever” by Uncle Jesse (yes,  Full House’s Uncle Jesse) on repeat. Yes, seriously. And, no, I was neither in love or going through a bad breakup at the time. I told you it was bad.

It takes alot for me to dislike a song. The Bachelor’s ballad this season “On the Wings of Love” makes my very short list. It’s bad on it’s own, but even worse considering the Bachelor, Jake, is a pilot and that the song is played during nearly every pivotal moment.

Here’s a few other songs that should probably be permanently paused, but I can’t help but play:

1.) “I’m Too Sexy” [Right Said Fred]

2.) “Achy Breaky Heart” [Billy Ray Cyrus]

3.) “Barbie Girl” [Aqua]

4.) “Dominic the Donkey” [Christmas Song]

5.) “Ice, Ice Baby” [Vanilla Ice]

6.) Wasn’t Me” [Shaggy]

And last, but certainly not least: 7.) “The Thong Song” [Sisqo]. What ever happened to that pseduo silver-haired singer?

I’m sorry for sharing this awful array of music.


3 thoughts on “On the Wings of Love

  1. I totally cracked up every time that song came on The Bachelor. So bad… and so amazing. And now I can’t get it out of my head.

    I also thoroughly enjoy bad music. I even have a separate playlist for really really bad Christmas songs. My favorite? A cowboy yodeling Jingle Bells. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Simply amazing.

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