Would you Rather?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved asking questions. The problem? My questions aren’t usually the normal “What did you do today?” or “What did you think of that movie?” My absolute favorite type? Would-You-Rathers. These seemingly simple scenarios can create a great (and incredibly odd) conversation. I haven’t asked these in awhile, but I thought I’d bring them back on this blog. Which would you rather?

Would you rather be 2 feet or 9 feet tall?

Would you rather not shower for a week or not sleep for two days?

Would you rather be forced to eat an entire gallon of ice cream or an entire deep dish pizza?

Would you rather be forced to listen to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” or Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out?” for 24-hours straight?

Would you rather sit next to a morbidly obese man or incessently crying baby (on a 10-hour flight)?


2 thoughts on “Would you Rather?

  1. How has no one responded to this? Come on people!
    1. 2 feet
    2. Not sleep
    3. Pizza
    4. Barbie Girl
    5. Baby

    Would YOU rather:

    Pick true or false?
    Be the minority at a bar, or at a church?
    Not blog for a month, or not read for a week?
    Live in Nebraska or South Dakota?
    Eat the same thing every day, or eat something different every day but never be able to re-eat the things you really like?

  2. I like this game! 🙂


    Tough one, but bar (There would be the possibility of a ridiculous spontaneous step show like that time at Heroe’s!)

    Not read for a week—I could at least catch up with TV/phone!

    Nebraska (This is only because my opinion of South Dakota was severely tarnished the time I raced at SDSU. If you’ve ever visited Brookings, SD, you’d understand.)

    Eat something different every day! (Even I would get sick of Peanut butter sandwiches after awhile).

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