Although the journalist in me hates to concede this, I love some cliches. They may make your writing sound like a corny greeting card, but I can’t help using them.  Case in point: The title of my blog actually is one.

But, for some reason, the expression “You give me butterflies” has always bothered me. It reminds me of Cinderella pondering Prince Charming while singing “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” and that image is just a little too unrealistic for real life (although if anyone ever encounters creatures that will do your chores, please send them my way).

Yet as much as I dislike the expression, I’m realizing that its message is true. A little flutter tells you whether something is a fit—whether it be your future career, crush, or even cuisine. You don’t need to be singing “Someday my Prince/Princess/Career/Cookie will Come.” Your heart tells you that it’s there.

I believe that you can be confident about things that you like, but there needs to be a bit of nervousness added to the things you love. Your heart doesn’t have to be popping out of your chest. Little palpatations are perfect. You can settle for your second-choice career, a back-up boyfriend, or alternative entree, but it simply isn’t going to make your heart flutter like your first option.

Now that I’ve (finally) chosen a future career, I’m beginning to feel those nerves. Having control of my own class intimidates me, and boy, my common sense better increase to prepare me for pondering the problems of middle schoolers. My feelings are a blend of eagerness and nervousness. I’m scoping out schools before I’ve even completed student teaching.

It’s like researching engagement rings before you’ve even discussed getting down on one knee (or, in the case of “The Bachelor,” before you’ve even met your man). You know it’s wrong—it might be meant to be for you, but a mismatch for him—but at the same time oh-so-right. The cliche the early bird catches the worm exists for a reason. Those early birds knew they were hungry, and weren’t going to waste time waiting for the little worms to wriggle their way into their stomachs.


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