Breaking the Silence with Blizzards

There is an icicle outside my window that is taller than Chelsea Handler’s favorite midget Chewy. My boots look like they’re doused in a bottle of table salt. I’m beginning to forget what green grass looks like (thank goodness for Google).

I’m a little sick of this weather.

I actually don’t mind the snow—between the time of Thanksgiving and New Year’s. As soon as the Christmas lights come down and “Santa Clause is coming to town” stops, I think we should say sayonara to the white stuff.

The snow is good for one thing, however: Conversation. Digging for something to say to Dull Dan? “Isn’t this weather awful?” is an opener (“It is freezing outside” is another outstanding ice breaker) that appeals to all. Or, at least, one that is unarguable.

Weather discussions aren’t going to make their way into The Pickup Artist’s dialogue anytime soon, but at least they can help you avoid the dreaded awkward silence. There are enough winter weather elements to make the conversation endless—snow, cold, frostbite, wind, ice—you could practically avoid an entire awkward first date simply by discussing the weather (although I’m pretty sure it would only land you date 2 if you happened to be mixing with a Meterologist).

This conversation gets stilted come Spring: “It’s a beautiful day” can only get you so far (“Yes, it is.”). And…silence.

We may all feel want the snow to go away and not come back another day, but we better begin to start brainstorming Spring small talk or hope it rains (Conversational Cha-Ching!).


One thought on “Breaking the Silence with Blizzards

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