Embarrassing Overshare

I have no filter. I don’t get embarrassed easily, and often admit things that make others cringe. Which is why I am about to share some of my deepest, darkest secrets on this blog. Ok, they aren’t that deep, but here are 5 things that should probably refrain from sharing:

1.) I can’t shut my eyes to go to sleep unless the clock reads an even digit or a five.

2.) I have permanent calluses on the insides of my feet from running (gross, I know—I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them and they’ve been there for years!)

3.) I still avoid tampons.

4.) I often think of random people—even ones I barely talked to, or met a single time. And then debate contacting them, which would likely lead to a very awkward conversation (or have them think it was a come-on…)

5.) I enjoy eavesdropping on stranger’s conversations. (I promise I don’t do this to people I know!)


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