Pet peeves

I see the glass half-full. I can genuinely say that I do not hate a single soul, and I actually enjoy the song “Sunshine Day” by the Brady Bunch.

But although I’m a positive person, I definitely have a few peeves. I may not explode, but the following five make me cringe:

1.) Overeager salesmen. I know you’re on commission, but I will not spend $75 to get my eyebrows threaded when I can pluck them myself with a $2 tweezer.

2.) Terrible grammar. You lose a game, your pants are loose. You may eat when you’re eight, but you do not eat when you’re ate. I don’t except elementary students to have impeccable grammar, but once you’ve graduated college, you better know your their, there and they’re.

3.) Calling Country music ‘Country Western.’ Not all country singers say ya’ll, spend all their time at rodeos, wear mullets, and keep a shotgun under their pillow.

4.) Odd spellings of common names. It’s cute when kids are creative with spelling, but not so much when it comes to names. What’s so wrong with “Jessica” that it has to be “Jessequah” or “Jessikah?”

5.) When people don’t clear the microwave timer. Ok, I am fully aware that this is an extremely odd annoyance. It’s so weird that I don’t even have a way to explain it. But for some reason, seeing the 0:02 from your leftover tacos rather than the time drives me crazy.


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