Check yes or no.


It’s a very simple word. Two letters. One syllable. Then why is it so difficult to say? And why is saying its longer counterpart so simple?

I’ve never been good at saying ‘No.’ The only time I say the word, in fact, is if I am ask to directly respond “Yes” or “No,” and even then I can usually find some drawn out way to circle around the latter.

But “No” is gracing my vocabulary even less these days. I’m booking my calendar like crazy—and a large portion of this “booking” does not actually include books. I’m studying, and studying hard at that. But I firmly believe recess is just as crucial requirement.

I want to see it all, do it all, and, yes, spend it all, regardless of whether my nagging work and homework, tired body, or meager checkbook strongly suggest otherwise. I’m willing to add a cup of coffee, sacrifice an hour of sleep, and go through a bit of procrastination panic to load my checklist with “Yeses.”

But, ultimately, the “Yeses” are what I’m going to remember. What fun is it saying “No” to everything? I’d rather regret doing something at the last minute, then not doing something that I want to do at all.

And now onto the research paper that I just procrastinated longer by posting…:)



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