Boys Will Be Boys

You tend to forget what 8th grade boys are like, particularly when you never were one yourself. Their hormones are raging and their filter, well, isn’t. They may be shy about asking a girl to slow dance, but they certainly aren’t timid about talking up the teacher.

During my practicum today, students worked on their hero character sketches with COWs (Computers-on-Wheels…the perfect Iowa acronym). However, there weren’t enough COWs for the entire class, so I was put in charge of taking students to the library to work. For the most part, they worked pretty diligently. Until Core 4 came in: (AKA “The Class of Blunt Boys”).

I was alone in the library with the class, and since I’m not a “real” teacher yet, the boys are a bit more outspoken. Here’s a sample of their candid comments:

“Ms. Looney, who is your favorite?”—Psh, I can handle that. A simple “I like you all, I don’t have a favorite” (clearly a lie, but I believe any teacher who claims to not having a few pets is lying).

After asking a few more of my stats—namely, my age—the Q&A session turned personal. It began with this  direct question from Sean (yes, the same sly name swapper in the previous post):

“Ms. Looney, who is cuter, me or Sam?”—Sorry, I’m no Mary Kay Letourneau. No way am I answering this question.

However, I forgot that 8th graders have endurance. Ignoring them merely adds interest. They continue this dialogue both “to themselves” (aka, as loud and public as possible) and by asking me similar questions, and then Sam ends the conversation:

“You know, I’m going to be Mr. Looney someday.”

Awkwardness to the extreme. The plus side? He has a hidden feminist side, and would be willing to take my last name. 8th graders may be blunt, but apparently they’re all for women’s lib.



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