The Price is Right

I’ve been a price scanner ever since I can remember. During my Limited Too-obsessed Elementary school days, I learned to calculate percentages. (I needed to give my mom some reasoning why I needed a $36.50 lambs wool sweater in both blue and cream. Proof I’m a bit price-obsessed: I still can recall the exact cost).

Whether I’m shopping or simply scanning a menu, my eyes always revert immediately to price. It’s not always the deciding factor, but it certainly plays a profound part. Boxed Wheatables are on sale? Sayonara, Wheat Thins.

But I don’t consider myself a cheapskate—not by a long shot. Let’s put it this way: What miser typically spends nearly $200 on groceries for only herself? Seriously.

Lately, I’ve realized I’m slowly becoming a middle age-esque shopper. I clip coupons like a madwoman, and get a little high when I see even $2 detracted from my far-too-expensive grocery bills. I’ve even subscribed to coupon websites, although, unfortunately, I lack the technology skills to actually know how to use them. I also have become even more of a comparison shopper. Case in point: Today, I needed deodorant. They ranged from $1.79 to $4.49. My choice is clear.

I’ve become someone who considers practicality first. Sure, I’ll spend money on clothes, but I consider how many times I’ll actually use the item, for how many years, and how durable I consider the quality.

What happened to the girl who needed two soft, overly expensive sweaters that would only fit for a year (and then eventually get sewed into two ever-so-soft pillows)?


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