Record my Record

Remember those days when you really thought you’d be famous?

I vividly remember being in early Elementary school and thinking that I was destined to be a famous singer, with a possible ‘hit’ that I penned with what I’m pretty sure contained a maximum of five words, repeated over and over. And considering the fact that even my grandma has never complimented me for having a beautiful voice, there was no way I was going to land even 15-seconds of pop star fame.

Luckily, my dream died before I got the courage to sing my “hit” at our Talent Show.

When babysitting this past Monday, I vicariously relived a little burst of “fame.” It started with me spinning Harry (age 2) around and around. One of his new favorite activities.

While I was spinning Harry, Stella (age 7) did some solo spinning. We quickly realized we had discovered a child spinning phenom. Her brother, Ben (age 9), was in awe, and decided to time her. She made it an entire 10 minutes spinning nonstop. She didn’t drop to the floor in exhaustion after that, either. I made her stop (awful I know, but a babysitter must follow family bedtime rules).

We were all in awe that she could spin that long (and wasn’t even dizzy). Ben, particularly, who decided to submit her time to the Guinness Book of World Records (with the token plea: “This is something Stella has dreamed for her entire life.”)

Stella was floating on cloud nine, and convinved she had found her claim to fame—she even asked “Kristin, will I make the Guiness book by school tomorrow? I’d be so cool to be famous by then!”

Like many kids, Stella is a seven-year old who shoots for the moon—but uniquely spins like Saturn. Stella may not become a professional spinner, but at the very least, her hidden human tilt-a-whirl talent is pretty cool.


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