Music Medley

When it comes to music, we’ve become partial to being impartial. Since each genre brings its own high-schoolish stereotypes (hicks, thugs, wannabes, posers, hippies, etc.) people feel more comfortable pretending they simply “love it all,” rather than letting people conclude that baby, they’re a thug.

Pretending is the operative word. Interests will meld slightly, but I dare you to find me someone who gets into a little George Strait, then pumps their base for T-Pain, gets deep with Duffy, jams out to come classic Jammin’ and then gets busy with Bach.

Yet in some ways, we’re more eclectic than ever. Babysitting Harry makes this ever-apparent: He’s a 2-year old with favorites from the ’82, ’94 and ’09. His favorite song to dance to is “Boom, Boom Pow” (which we do approximately 4 times in a row), his favorite Rock Bank anthem is “Eye of the Tiger” and he loves belting out “I just can’t wait to be king.”

His 9-year old brother Ben likes today’s hits, too, but he’s also big on Bruce Springsteen. He and his dad went to the Des Moines concert this past Monday. One would think a 9-year-old and a 60-year old, high-waisted jeans wearing singer wouldn’t be a perfect marriage, but it works.

Where are our music tastes going to be 10, 20, or even 50 years from now? Will we say adios to the 80s, or will we have moonwalking grandchildren? Corny as the message of Madonna’s anthem is, music really does bring the people all together. As a teacher, you don’t want to discover your desperately outdated iPOD. But perhaps Backstreet really will come back…all right. Ah, ok, maybe that one’s just wishful thinking.


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