A laugh a minute

I love to laugh. The problem? I cannot control my laughter.

There’s one fellow student in my classes that has me chuckling every time he opens his mouth. He gives an extremely detailed response each time he raises his hand—for example, his comments will go something like this: “Well, it started at 8am, when I got up and then had coffee and then let out my dog—who is a beagle, by the way—who ran into our neighbors dog that is black-and-white and pretty friendly. We walked in a loop around the block and then I came in and had some coffee and then I went to my practicum classroom, where I got stuck by two red lights on the way, and nearly missed the exit …etc.” He somehow goes through this whole chain of events and then eventually goes into his classroom experience.

Ok, his Gettysburg address-esque comments probably deserve a laugh or two. But every time he opens his mouth, I have to literally look down at my desk or else I’ll burst out into (loud) laughter. I also cry when I laugh hard, which makes uncontrolled laughter even worse.

My classmates seem fully able to let the rambler roll. Which makes me wonder: How am I going to control my chuckles as a teacher? There’s going to be plenty of off-the-wall comments, and I am apparently incapable of staying stone faced.


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