Coffee Talk

I’m a caffeine late bloomer. I grew up on milk, not Mountain Dew.I gave up pop every year for lent when I was younger because, well, I never drank it. (Yes, I know, that’s the whole point). I’ve never been crazy about Coca-Cola. I used to not even be able to sip coffee without cringing.

But now, when it comes to caffeine, I just can’t get enough. A morning cup of coffee (or 2). A mid-afternoon latte. A Mountain Dew now and then. I have also become perhaps Strawberry Crystal Light Energy’s biggest spokesperson—120 milligrams of caffeine, 10 calories, and delicious…how can you possibly go wrong?

I realize I’m not alone. Caffeine addicts are abundant. The problem? I’ve realized that caffeine may be my trigger to incessant indigestion. Ugh. Experts recommend people in my situation giving up caffeine cold turkey.

I finally get the whole no-way-can-I-quit-smoking-without-going-insane thing. Caffeine is my cigarette. Today, I attempted a Caffeine-Free day. I lasted exactly 2 hours.

But unless I feel like popping Immodium like candy for the rest of my life, I need to cut down. I’m going to try to cut down to a single morning cup. We’ll see if this venture gets rid of my vice.

P.S-It is 3:30 pm right now, and I’m craving my caffeine like crazy. Do they have caffeine patches?


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