The anti-Julie Andrews

I like many things. I even love many. But when asked to list my “favorites” I always blank. I agree with Julie about some things. Raindrops on roses and cream colored ponies are nice, and crisp apple streudels and schnitzel with noodles are delicious. But I could not list them as my favorites.  They have too many faults to fit the bill: Cream colored ponies can be crabby, and crisp apple streudels eventually get old.

I am a girl who can rarely watch a movie twice. When I do, I generally end up regretting it. Freshman year, Emma and I watched “Mean Girls” nearly every day for a few weeks. It was my favorite movie at the time. I eventually got burned out, took the movie off my Facebook favorite list, and have yet to watch the whole thing since. I have a hard time listing favorite foods, too. I hate leftovers. I want something new—even though the microwave is perhaps the world’s greatest invention for impatient (and incessantly hungry) people.

I make the “favorite” mistake with music all the time. I listen to songs over and over again, and then get sick of them and rarely listen to them again. Case in point: I was just listening to Pandora and Aerosmith’s “Dream On” came on. I consider Aerosmith one of my “favorite” bands and consider “Dream On” one of my favorite songs, yet I just switched stations.

I had to list my “favorites” (song, tv show, and movie) for my Ed Psych class. You would think I was asked to write the meaning of life.

I couldn’t agree more with expression “variety is the spice of life” (corny as it is). I just hope that I don’t make this expression my mantra when it comes to a few biggies: Career, husband, residence, and kids. You can’t swap those as easily as you can your “favorites” on Facebook.


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