The best of both worlds

I didn’t think I would love where I’m at right now this much. Obviously, I enrolled in graduate school at Drake for a reason. I love the school, I love the people, and I love the overall environment. Plus, I don’t generally love change, so if I’m going to transition into a new field I’d prefer to do so in a familiar place. Enter Drake University, the school where (almost) everbody knows your name. And yes, they’re (almost) always glad you came.

I knew that I’d be in a different field. I knew that I’d get to know a different group of people. But, honestly, I didn’t really realize exactly how many new people I’d meet: Great, awesome, passionate, dedicated people at that.

Everyone in my classes is there because they want to be, rather than simply because society says that they should in order to get a good job. You don’t hear graduate students counting down the days until graduation. You don’t see graduate students dozing off mid-lecture…even when the class is 4 hours. You do see them scribbling notes in their spiral, but I get the feeling that they aren’t doing so in order to score an A on their next exam. They do so because they are genuinely interested in what the professor has to say, and simply because they love learning.

Much of Drake is the same as always. It’s like that comfortable pair of blue jeans that still fit just right. Comfortably, I hang out with many of the same people. I still do many of the same daily activities, and have similar conversations. Yet, Drake now has a few extra patches to the old blues. Patches that add character and new topics of conversation.

Drake is familiar, yet different. And exciting. And I couldn’t be more ecstatic.


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