Reading…for fun

Most who know me know that I’m a huge advocate of reading for fun. I’m a firm believer that anyone can enjoy reading if they find the right author or series. My sisters, of course, beg to differ, and constantly say Why read if you can watch TV or a movie?

Although I love movies and TV—reality TV, especially…sad but true—I’ve always been big on books. For awhile, though, my library stacks were solely non-school related. My library love began with the Bernstein Bears, and then progressed to the Babysitters Club. Then came alot of other “adolescent chick lit” like “Sweet Valley Twins (and Junior High and High School)”, “Sleepover Friends” and even “Full House” books (ok, that may be the exception to the books are usually better than the TV show/movie rule).

I liked some of the required reads in Elementary school like “The Giver” but had a horrible time making it through some other required reads. I vividly remember being stuck on the same page of “Catherine Called Birdy” in 5th grade for what seemed like a century.

These days, I like it all; nearly, that is. I may generally not be as crazy about the classics as contemporary works—Potter wins the match versus “Wuthering Heights”—yet I’ll read nearly whatever is in front of me. As long as it’s not “Ulysses.”

Why am I giving you a glimpse into my reading history? Books are what have made me aspire to be a teacher. I always loved to read, but once doubted that I could enjoy a required one. Ultimately, I’d like my students to actually enjoy reading. Sure, “Catcher in the Rye” isn’t going to draw in everyone and “Great Expectations” is not going to fulfill everyone’s literary expections, but I ultimately want to show that reading really can be fun. Even if the only book that transfixes you is Twilight.


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