Not-so-yawn-worthy yoga

Yoga is supposed to be relaxing. Some say it’s easy enough to make you fall asleep. I’ve come to the conclusion that those people are either A.) Rubberbands in disguise, B.) Lying or most likely C.) Both. Yoga is not, I repeat not easy.

In my mind, relaxing generally means simple. Easy. Unstrenuous. Not so when it comes to yoga. Antonyms better described my experience.

My venture into Downward dogs, cobras, planks and Namastes made me realize just why I tend to stick with the same hobbies for decades. Sure, some days running feels easier than others, but unless it’s a race, it’s rarely painful. My hour-and-a-half Yoga session—the supposed to be “a stress minimizing, reducing muscle pain and joint stiffness workout”— will likely make me stiffer than the 17-miler I ran last week.

But I’m vowing, via this blog, that I will not ditch Downward dogs. Even though I looked at the clock at least each minute of the 90-minute session. As a future teacher, I’m supposed to advocate doing something even when it’s difficult. Just because I will never make big bucks as the next Bill Nye doesn’t mean I should cut Chemistry.

I’m vowing here that my first venture into yoga will not be my last. I’m also vowing that I will immensely regret that promise.


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