Sprinting to school

It was 2 weeks before my college graduation.

For many, this seemingly short sprint feels more like an Ultra Marathon. Not only are you exhausted and emotional, but slowing your pace for a few beers is all too tempting.

But for me, the sprint was far too short. Suddenly, a light went off. A light that halted pomp and circumstance in its tracks. A light that had been flickering for the past semester: I wasn’t ready to say sayonara to school.

But I wasn’t like the many who opt for graduate school as a necessary means to their dream career. I realized I wanted to stay in school forever. Not for the Van Wilder perks—though a year and a half more of cheap beer and unapologetic irresponsiblity are appealing—I wanted to be a teacher.

I have had an endless list of potential occupations throughout my life: Writer, lawyer, veternarian, paralegal, psychologist, personal trainer, dolphin trainer, and even professional basketball player. Yet teaching never made the cut.

Until now.

2 weeks before my college graduation, I had my future relatively set in place. I had three internships and a variety of other work experience within my majors—Magazine Journalism and English. The biggest decision I had left to make—or so I thought—was where to target my job search. I knew the job search was bound to be difficult, of course, but I had faith that eventually—whether within a few weeks or months—I would land an intro level job that made me happy.

Yet one rainy Monday—May 4th, to be exact—my once sure-fire plan changed. The day began like any other: I went to my morning class, visited Gateway Market for some groceries, and then Hy-Vee for some more. On the 1.5 mile drive home, the light flicker came on burning bright. I realized I didn’t want to be a journalist. Well, a full-time one at least. Instead, I wanted to teach Journalism and English, and also coach.

At first, others, including myself, were certainly leery. After all, I’d changed my career choice more times than Lindsay Lohan has changed her hairstyle. But I was finally certain.

I frantically took the necessary exams to apply for grad school, while also saying my goodbyes and procrastinating purchasing my cap and gown (which apparently I was supposed to do months before…whoops).

I then had to wait to see whether I would be punished for my profession procrastination. Mid-summer came the verdict: I was accepted!

I’ve always loved school. Sure, like anyone, I sometimes sneak a text message under my desk or slip a crossword puzzle beneath my spiral, but overall, I love learning. And telling people the things I learn.

I’ve always believed that you can learn alot from yourself when you try. Which is partially why I’ve created this blog.

In this blog, I’ll tell you about what it’s like to learn how to teach others to learn…each day, every day. I’ll share crazy stories about kids I encounter. I’ll tell you tales of terrible tests. I’ll try to uncover some of the deep mysteries of education: Do teachers really eat every apple? What do they really think of the so-called “teacher’s pet?”

I’ll learn about how to teach, and maybe even teach you a thing or two about learning. I’ll also try new things I’ve never done before…and share the MANY mishaps that will likely happen along the way. I’m stepping into school, and stepping out of my comfort zone.


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